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3-ply Health Care Face Mask

3-Ply Facemask

The face mask has become a scarcity product since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, perhaps this is an important personal hygiene barrier to protect an individual’s health.  In Maxwaytec, we are one of the face mask suppliers in Malaysia.  We do supply a 3-ply Personal Health Care Face Mask.

Overview of 3-ply Health Care Face Mask

Facemask Outer and Inner Surface

Maxwaytec is supplying 3-ply health care face mask to the industrial.  Our Ear Loop 3-ply design is the most popular facemask which positions at the balance of cost and application needs.  Several design features for our face mask:

Disposable Facemask
  1. Convenient for long hour wearing.  The 3 ply facemask is very suitable for long hour wearing due to good breathability; efficient on preventing contaminant particulate go into respiratory tract; non-irritating to the skin.
  2. Ear Loop Design.  This design gives the most mobility for people wearing.  You could just hang the loop on both ears within a second.
  3. 3 ply Design.  A quality face mask is structured in 3 layers.  The 3 layers are set by different material for individual purpose.  The outer layer (Blue colour) is the water protection layer; the middle layer is the Melt-Blown non-woven fabric; Inner layer is water absorption layer.
  4. Adaptable Nose Bar.  This is an 8cm length metal strip wrapped in the upper edge of the face mask.  The metal strip is making the face mask adhere on your nose with a minimum gap.

Specification of 3-Ply Health Care Face Mask

Inner View

Quality face masks comply with a long list of testing criteria.  The most important for parameters for determining a quality face mask are:

  1. BFE level.  BFE stands for Bacteria Filtration Efficiency.  Our 3-ply Health Care Face Mask able to meet BFE ≥ 95%.  This means the face mask is having 95% efficiency for filtration effect.  BFE is the first line barrier to blocks the bacterial, reduce allergy pollen and also harmful material come into the human body.
  2. Toxic-Free.  Our 3-ply facemask complies with many biological requirements and ensures suitable for long hour wearing.

How to Wear the 3-Ply Health Care Face Mask

In order to ensure the facemask is properly worn, please follow the below steps.

How to Wear Facemask
  1. Hold mask with the blue side facing out and nose bar keeping upward.
  2. Both hands hold the ear loop on the face mask.
  3. Place mask over nose and mouth
  4. Pull the ear loop around each ear.
  5. Press the nose bar and make sure it tightly fit with your nose edge.
  6. Pull the bottom of the mask, make sure it covers your chin.

The 3-ply health face mask is designed for one-time use only.  User shall discard the face mask after use.  To further eliminate cross-contamination, do not touch the outer layer of the face mask.  Throw the face mask in the appropriate bin for keeping environmental hygiene.

Please call Maxwaytec for further information about our best selling 3-ply health care facemask

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