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Commit to Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct

Responsible Business Alliance

As one of the key suppliers in the electronic sector, Maxwaytec Engineering S/B fully supports the vision and goals of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).  RBA has given and showed a sustainable business culture for the industry.

RBA Awareness Presentation

RBA Awareness Presentation

We will align our business and operations to promote the elements emphasize by RBA, this includes worker rights, promoting a safe working environment, environmentally sustainable, business ethical and implementing management system.

RBA Commitment Letter

We also need your support working with us while we are promoting RBA elements within our organization.  You may strengthen our decision to fulfil the RBA code of conduct by

  1. Read and understand the RBA Code
  2. Compliance the code
  3. Conduct self-evaluation ensure conformity
  4. Cooperate with us if an audit is required
  5. Notify us that you learn of items of non-compliance

While we are implementing RBA Code of Conduct, we also strongly recommend you to consider implementing RBA code of conduct within your organization if you have not done so.  You may locate the latest RBA code of conduct via the http://www.responsiblebusiness.org/

Should you have any inquiry or further clarification regarding our implementation of RBA code of conduct, please contact

Mr Lim CC (General Manager)

Tel: 016-422 1975
email: cclim@maxwaytec.com

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