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Defects on Polarizer Film

We have elaborated some basic application area for polarizer film, we would like to reveal the defects found on polarizer film together with possible cause.

Mechanical Defect.

The polarizer film comes in big sheet dimension, manufacturer will cut the film into desire size.  The film may encounter various mechanical damages if the manufacturer does not strictly follow handling precaution guideline.

Various kind of surface scratches are the main mechanical defect we encounter if it does not handle properly.  Below are the main mechanical damages:

  1. Surface scratch
  2. Fold mark
  3. Deformation

Dimensional Defect.

During cutting process, we have a set of operation guideline to ensure the cutting tools are set properly to ensure polarizer film is correctly cut. 

Mura Defect
Mura Defect

Mura Defect.  Mura is a kind of defect whereby the light is not transmitted as expected.  As the image shown, there already a black colour smear appears on the glass surface.  The black colour smear is because the polarizer surface already is destroyed.  The light is not properly transmitted and causing light distortion around the area.

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