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Diamond Dresser

Diamond Dresser

Diamond dresser is a necessity tool for grinding or lapping process. In order to maintain the lapping stone condition, users have to use a dresser to reconditioning the lapping stone. Maxwaytec Engineering has many years experience in manufacturing and supplying suitable diamond dresser for Malaysia market. Our diamond dresser has worked in many single-side or double-sided lapping process.

Over here, we are going to share with you some of the criteria on selecting an appropriate diamond dresser.

Basic Structure of Diamond Dresser

A diamond dresser comes into 2 parts:

  1. The rotation gear plate
  2. The diamond grit

The purpose of dresser gear plate is to ensure the dresser rotation during the dressing process. And the diamond grit is proportional to the surface roughness of the lapping stone.

User may use several diamond dressers plate during a dressing process, this is to ensure the dressing force evenness apply on the lapping stone.

Diamond Dresser Gear Plate Dimension

The diamond dresser is used in the lapping machine, we have to understand some of the working condition so that we could design the appropriate diamond dresser. The information we should find out include:

  • Lapping machine to use with diamond dresser.
  • Gear module & relevant dimension.
  • Lapping stone material & length.
  • Gap clearance between upper and lower plate.

With the basic understanding of the working condition, we are able to design the appropriate dresser gear plate which work within the process.

Diamond Material and Grit Size

From above process, we able to design a suitable dresser gear plate. Now we have to select the diamond material and grit size base on several criteria. In Maxwaytec, we have a wide range of diamond material for your selection:

  • Diamond Material: alloy steel, industrial diamond
  • Grit Size: Mesh 70 – 1200

Selection of Appropriate Diamond Dresser

We will select suitable diamond grit size and material base on your lapping stone material and surface roughness customer want to achieve.

A larger grit number means we could achieve smoother lapping stone surface after the dressing process, whereby a smaller grit number, also understand as coarser grit, the surface roughness is rougher.

Some Characteristics of Diamond Dresser

A lapping stone after gone through a dressing process will gain larger removal. The removal rate will deteriorate through-out the lapping process.

We will discuss more about the dressing pattern and removal rate pattern in other articles.

Maxwaytec Engineering has many years working on diamond dresser design and bonding. Bonding the diamond materials on the dresser gear plate consist with some technique and know how.

In Malaysia, there are not many choices for dresser design and manufacturing. Now with Maxwaytec, you are having the additional choices to design and obtain an appropriate diamond dresser for your process. Feel free to call Maxwaytec and we could work on a suitable diamond dresser for your lapping process.

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