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PEEK Coated

PEEK Coated

PEEK is a robust kind of thermoplastic material which suitable for demanding working condition. PEEK material has been widely used in many processes which many other many industries in Malaysia, perhaps we are moving one step ahead from just supplying PEEK material and machining.

In many applications, field engineer not only require a robust material but also have to comply certain mechanical strength. Maxwaytec Engineering has developed a specific process to incorporate PEEK material and other engineering plastic material with alloy. With this technique, we have more rooms coming out appropriate tooling for customer specific application.

Alloy Coat with PEEK Material

One of the break-through technology is getting PEEK material coated on other alloy. Maxwaytec Enigeering has worked with customers for supplying them with tools coated with PEEK material. With this ability, our tools could fulfill the stringent condition.

A metal of stainless steel being coated with PEEK material will show an exceptional long life span even under stringent working condition.

Here are a few PEEK material projects which we had successful experience:

  • PEEK coated on Stainless Steel.
  • Direct fabrication from Raw PEEK material.
  • Coated PEEK on circular rod.

Features of PEEK Coated Material

There are so many advantageous to get the process tools to coat with PEEK material, here we just name a few:

  • High Temperature Tolerance
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance

We know PEEK is very strong and stiff material however not all the tools need to fabricate with PEEK material. Please call Maxwaytec Engineering and we will work with you on your engineering needs.

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