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Industrial Brushes

Maxway Tec is one of the industrial brush suppliers for Malaysia market.  We have a wide range of quality industrial brushes.  We supply standard wire brush product and dedicate design nylon brush for cleaning process.

Mohair Brush

Mohair Brush

Common Industrial Brush

1) Wire Brush

2) Copper Brush

3) Nylon Brush

4) Mohair Brush

Variety of Industrial Wire Brush

Nylon brushes.

Nylon brush is one of the common scrubbing tools for surface cleaning.  Nylon brush material is a very good substance to work with various type of cleaning detergent and solvent.  The low absorption rate also ensures the cleaning solution will flow through during the scrubbing process.

Nylon brush could be designed into several brushes stiffness for various scrubbing process.

Steel wire brush

Steel wire brush is one of the common industrial brushes for removal surface dust and corroded portion.  Steel wire brush is a durable and robust removal factor for the power tools.

Copper or bronze wire brush

The fine bronze or copper brush is common used in finer surface removal.


Kindly write to Maxway Tec to understand more about our industrial wire brush products.

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