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Passive Components

Passive Components Used in Electronics Industry

Passive components are a common terminology for many type of common electronic components. Maxway Tec has acquired several dealership from well known passive component manufacturer for supporting the Malaysia and regional market.
Our main supply for passive components in electronics for electronic industry includes



  • Capacitor
  • Resistor
  • Diode

Passive Components – Capacitor

There are 5 major type of capacitors commonly used in the electronic market
1) Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
2) Ceramic Capacitor
3) Chip Type Capacitor
4) Safety Recognized Capacitor
5) Plastic Film Capacitor



Passive Components – Resistor



We have 4 common resistors supplying for major electronic industry.
1) Cutting Type Resistor
2) Wire-wound Type Resistor
3) Chip Type Resistor
4) Network Type Resistor

Passive Components – Diode

Please kindly contact Maxway Tec for any details about the passive components which you are looking in electronics design and manufacturing.

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