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Polarize Film for LCD Panel

The LCD panel has gained a wide application in the much visual electronic displayPolarizer film which adheres on both side of the LCD glass is the major component for getting a quality LCD screen.

How to Order Polarize Film?

Polarizer film is made from polymer plastic material, it consists of several layers in order to achieve a polarized effect.  A quality polarizer film means a film with less or no impurity substance and uniform polarization pattern.  This is essential because a quality polarizer film will ensure maximum light transmission rate and efficiency within a certain rotation axis.

Order Polarizer FilmMaxwaytec Engineering is supplying a wide variety of polarizer film for the industry. Currently, our polarizer film is widely used in:

  • LCD TV industry
  • Computer monitor
  • Smartphone screen

Application of Polarizer Film

You could find polarizer film in any application.  An LCD screen and handphone screen are the 2 areas which need polarizer film.  There is also polarizer film used in an optical instrument, lens, colour filter or even the latest 3D glass.  The application of polarizer film is huge and we are seeing a growth in any application.

LCD Panel Polarize film is different than the protecting film attached on the handphone surface.  The protecting film is attached on the outer TFT glass of a smartphone surface with the purpose to prevent the TFT glass from getting scratches throughout the usage.

However, the polarizer film is attached on both side of the LCD panel with the purpose:

  • Filter unwanted light to the LCD panel.
  • Enhance the reflecting light through the LCD panel.

Categories for Polarizer Film

There are 4 common polarizer film available in Maxwaytec, namely

  1. TV Film.  This is the most common polarizer film used in many appliances’ screen, this includes TV, calculator, etc.
  2. IPS Film.  Because common for digital appliances.
  3. Wide Angle Film.  The Wide angle polarizer film is used in the security video screen, the acceptance of a wide-angle light source allows the wider image field coverage.
  4. Special Film.  The high-grade polarizer film is used in that high-end smart-phone, such as Apple, Huawei smartphone.


Type of Polarizer Film

Base on the individual application, the polarizer film being categorized into several categories:

  • Anti-glare matte film
  • Plain glossy film
  • Brightness enhance film
  • WVF wide-angle view film

The polarizer also come in 4 difference light transmission axis, namely 0, 45, 90 and 135-deg.

In order to protect the polarizer film from additional scratch and contamination during transportation, the film manufacturer has covered up the film with an additional layer.  The protecting layer shall be removed while applying on the LCD panel.  One side of the polarizer film is also pre-coated with adhesive so that the user could immediately stick the polarizer film on the panel.

Supply LCD Panel Polarize Film

Maxwaytec Engineering has a wide range of polarizer film selection. We cut the polarizer film base on customer requirement from a quality film sheet.  The cut film will send for edge trimming to ensure sharp cutting edge and debris are removed.

Currently, we are supplying our polarizer film to LCD panel industry and smartphone manufacturer.

We are seeing a positive prospect in this industry, and we welcome any inquiry about our polarize film.

Specification of Polarizer Film

Here is an example specification for polarizer film we supply. You are always welcome to request our specification for the dedicate film. You could download our specification booklet here.

Polarizer Film Specification Bookler

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