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Sanding Sponge

Sanding Sponge

Sanding Sponge

Maxwaytec launched the new sanding sponge to Malaysia and worldwide market. The development of sanding sponge is bringing more advantages and convenient to user. Perhaps you can consider sand sponge as the improve version of sand paper.

What is Sanding Sponge?

Sanding sponge is a PU sponge coated with aluminium oxide and synthetic abrasive. The sanding sponge some time may name after as sand pad or sand block base on the difference sponge thickness.

Maxwaytec has formulated a dedicated coating material to ensure optimum abrasive grit placement. Our sanding sponges also offer maximum cutting removal with less clogging ability and longer life span.

For more demanding user, Maxwaytec could even coated the abrasive on PVA sponge which given maximum durability and removal.

Sanding Sponge

Sanding Sponge

The advantageous of Sanding Sponge

User could experience more advantageous on sanding sponge:

  1. Come in 3 major abrasive grain size, coarse, medium and fine base for difference application.
  2. Could be used under Wet condition.
  3. Washable and reusable. Wash the sanding sponge after use to extend the product life span.
  4. Flexible for all profile. Soft sponge could deform to most surface profile.
  5. Easy handling. The sanding sponge is easy in handling offer for convenient surface blaster.

Some Application for Sanding Sponge

Sanding sponge has wide application for both industry and household user. For industry application, the sand sponge could be observed as the replacement for sand paper but with more advantageous. The application could include:

  1. Metal Surface Finishing.
  2. Stain and Corrosion removal.
  3. Wood Surface Finishing.
  4. Paint Stripping.
  5. Plating Surface Removal.
  6. Wall Finishing.

For household user, the sand sponge could be used for below activities:

  1. Removal the unwanted stain mark on cooking utility.
  2. Refurbish stainless steel surface such as stainless steel door frame, washing basin.
  3. Wood surface touch up.
  4. Glass stain removal.

Basic Specification of Sanding Sponge

Sponge Dimension: 95* 70* 25mm

Grain Material: Aluminium Oxide abrasive

Substrate Material: PU Foam

Bonding: Synthetic adhesive resin

Mesh #: 60 (coarse), 80(medium), 120(fine)

Please read and fine out more about the basic sanding sponge product introduction.

Above is our standard specification for sanding sponge. Maxwaytec could even perform dedicate formulation to develop the sanding sponge for your process needs.

Please contact Maxwaytec Engineering for more information about our sanding sponge products.

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