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HDD Handling Tools

Hard Disc Drive Industry or HDD Industry is the industry requires many sophisticated tools for supporting the stringent manufacturing process. Even though most of the processes already are converted to automate process, however this industry still requires some handling tools especially for their engineering process. As a tooling design and manufacturing company, Maxwaytec Engineering has developed several handling tools for HDD industry. These HDD handling tools has been widely used in several hard disc related processes.

Type of HDD Handling Tools

ID Pick-up Tools.

The ID Pick-up tool only handles at the ID portion of a HDD disc. This ID pick-up tools is used in the CMP polishing process. During the

ID Pick-up Tool

ID Pick-up Tool

CMP Polishing process, the HDD disc is laying flat on the polishing pad with the constraint of polishing carrier. Process worker only could pick up the disc with the assist of ID pick-up tool.

This ID pick up tool commonly seen in NPP polishing process.

Our design ID pick-up tool comes with several features:

  • Contact at ID edge only
  • Not damage the disc ID portion
  • Simple but effective handling tools design
  • Circular contact surface to maximize the holding capability
  • Able transfer to process cassette or shipping cassette without blockage.

ID Pick-up tool operation method.

OD Gripping Tools.

While a disc is lifted up, we require an OD gripping tool for disc handling. This OD gripping tool giving user most flexibility turning around the disc for all purpose, include visual inspection.

Our OD Gripping tool comes with several features:

  • Perform 3-points contact at OD area
  • Not touching disc surface
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Work nicely with Disc Lifter Tool

CassetteCover Opener

HDD Cassette Cover Opener

HDD Cassette Cover Opener

The cassette cover opener tool is designed to unlock the top cover for any shipping cassette.  The cassette cover opener tool is simple yet effective tool to open the cover with minimum force.

Some high light features for cassette cover opener:

  1. Fully make by SUS 304 material
  2. Tool surface gone through fine polish
  3. Ergonomic design to ensure minimum force apply

Disc Surface Suction Tools.

The disc surface suction tool is using the suction force on the cup for picking up the disc while laying flat. The disc surface suction tool is a common tool for HDD process during old days. However, due to surface criteria is getting stringent, the suction tool only allow using in very limited process. However, the suction tool has been used for other industry.

Our Disc Surface Suction Tool comes with several features:

  • Small and unique design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Apply minimum force
  • Firm holding ability
  • Able transfer to process cassette or shipping cassette

Disc Lifter Tool.

Manual HDD Single Disc Lifter

Manual HDD Single Disc Lifter

This HDD Single Disc Lifter Tool gives the most flexibility for user moving out any disc in the cassette without touching the adjacent disc. Our Disc Lifter Tool comes with indicating strip which correlated to process cassette slot number.

The Disc Lifter Tool comes with many features:

  • Able to lift intermediate disc from the cassette
  • Indicating slot number
  • Position locking function for steady lifting movement
  • Precision positioning rail
  • Exchangeable lifting shoe
  • Ergonomic gripper design and visual marker

Disc Transferring Tool

In some occasion, user requires swapping the disc from one cassette to the other cassette. Under this scenario, you could use our disc transferring tool for fastest transfer process with minimum impact to the disc.

Features for disc transferring tool:

  • Able to transfer whole cassette with single function
  • Touching the ID edge only
  • Simple and effective method
  • Minimum to no impact on disc surface quality

Manual or Auto HDD Handling Tools?

The original HDD handling tools are designed for manual operation mode, however the tools could be converted to automate with simple modification.In some cases, Maxwaytec has been requested to modify our tools to work with compress air. With the compress air, we are able making the semi-auto mode which help to promote the entire handling process.In short, Maxwaytec Engineering is having the flexibility to design and fabricate the HDD handling tool meeting the user needs.

Why Choose Our HDD Handling Tools

Maxwaytec has designed and fabricated many HDD handling tools for the industry. Even though our tools were initially designed for HDD industry but have migrated to other related industry with similar application.

Our HDD handling tools has been used and getting high remarks from industry user. Our handling tools not only meeting customer requirement but also provides reliable, repeatable and effective result to the user. Our tools has been designed and tested for achieving the most stringent criteria in the industry. Feel free talking to Maxwaytec and check with us about the HDD handling tools.

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