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Wearing Face Mask is Neccessary

Wear Facemask
Wear Facemask

While worldwide is facing a great challenge about COVID-19 virus but we still do not see many people wearing a face mask.  China spent 2 months time to successfully overcoming from this epidemic and now this unprecedented pandemic outbreak has swum worldwide.  Almost all nation is facing this life threaten virus now.

Even the US, Europe, England, the most civilization area in the world also forced to take more aggressive measures to overcome this challenge.  China has demonstrated the world how to handle the pandemic, but this should not be the only way to fight with this virus. 

From our previous article, what we learn from the COVID-19, I had summarized several effective actions carried out not only by China but also Singapore and Hong Kong.  Both countries have shown a good manoeuvre of the pandemic outbreak.  Korea could be another country which recently I found out to be successful in bringing down and contain the infected count.

Wear Facemask

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, all people are required to wear facemask in the public area while going out.  There is no excuse to go out without a facemask, period.  Facemask has become an epidemic prevention commodity.

3-Ply Facemask

From many articles, we learn that face mask is the essential elements for keeping good personal hygiene, especially there is huge uncertainty in the public area.  I am not a biology specialist but we know that while comes to a clouded area, the air tends to be stagnated and humidity will go up.  The growth of bacteria and virus in that particular area increases exponentially.  The clouded places refer to the meeting room, bus, supermarket, public transport and much more. 

To eliminate the spreading the viruses and bacteria to the public, wearing a face mask is the most simple and effective way.

Face Mask and Sanitizer Solution

Washing Your Hand

I was seeing many people spending hundreds of dollar to purchase sanitizer solution however they are not wearing a face mask.  Hand sanitizer is good provided you are using it.  Means, after you are touching and uncertain substance, you are advised to sanitize or wash your hand. However, the face mask will get you protected every minute while you are properly wearing it.

No doubt, we are not used to the facemask.  However, wearing a face mask should be good practice for maintaining good hygiene.  For people who are having flu symptom or sick, wearing facemask should be the basic manner to show respects to the public.  For those who are more cautious and trying to minimize the infection possibility, wearing a face mask is a batter choice too!

How Frequent To Change Facemask

For any ordinary woven type of facemask, we already recommend people to change in every 4 hours or whenever you are removing away the facemask.  The bottom layer always in touch with our mouth and nose, this layer will accumulate some moisture which eventually becomes a place promoting bacteria growth.  The outer layer is a water protecting layer, this layer always in contact with the environment; it should always accumulate with particle and dust.

Let keeping a habit of keeping a pack of a facemask in our bag.  Whenever you feel you are not very certain about the space cleanliness, wearing a face mask is the immediate action.

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