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Wrapping Wire

Wrapping Wire use in Circuit board reapir

Wrapping Wire

Wrapping Wire is a commonly used wire in many SMT process, or circuit board repairing process.  Wrapping wire is a single strand flexible wire.  The wire is so thin that it is very suitable for circuit board repairing job especially the space is limited.

In Maxwaytec Engineering, we hold several type of wrapping wire specification.  The AWG30 wrapping wire is the most common wire we sold in the market.

Specification of Wrapping Wire

Wrapping wire is a single strand silver plated copper wire insulated with a wire jacket.  It comes with several dimension and insulated jacket colour.  Below is the common specification for wrapping wire.

Product Name: Single Strand Wire

Rating: 150V, 250C (High temperature Resistance); 150V, 100C

Jacket: PVDF or PVC insulated with able to withstand head, oil, solvent & chemical resistance

Wire: Silver plated Copper

Jacket Colour: Multiple colour, this include Red, White, Black, Purple, Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange.

Series of Wrapping Wire Availability

We supply the wrapping wire from AWG26 up to AWG36.  However AWG30 is the most common size in the market.

Field engineer could select the appropriate wrapping wire size base on your application.

  1. AWG 26.
  2. AWG 28.
  3. AWG 30.
  4. AWG 32.
  5. AWG 34.

All you could see the measurement data from below comparison table.

Wrapping Wire Summary

Wrapping Wire Summary

Other Precaution on Selecting the Wrapping Wire

Temperature Resistance.  There are 2 temperature resistance wrapping wire.  An ordinary wrapping wire only be able to last about 100C temperature, however a high temperature resistance wire could last up to 250C.

Length.  A wrapping wire comes in reel form.  We have 200m per reel or 305m per reel.  305m or 1000ft is most common selection from user.

You are welcome writing to us about or contact Maxwaytec about the wrapping wire.

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