CMP Machine Overhaul & Services

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

In Maxwaytec Engineering, we have a team of engineers working on CMP machine overhaul, repair and services. Currently this service is targeted for CMP process, however we do have planned to expend to more processes and equipment tools in near future.

CMP process is a common process for semiconductor industry, perhaps most of the tools in use has been last for more than 10 years which require precise diagnosis and overhaul in order to maintain it performance. Maxwaytec Engineering has been working on CMP machine servicing throughout Malaysia and regional S.E.A. country.

What is CMP Process?

CMP stands for Chemical Mechanical Planarization. It is a precision process with rotation platen for smoothing the polish or lapping surface. A CMP process with only lower platen is refer to single-sided CMP machine. On the other hand, a machine with upper and lower platen is referring to double-sided CMP machine.

A CMP machine could install with polish pad or lapping stone, or even a bare cast iron plate during it process.

In order to achieve a precision result, user need to strictly follow the operation guideline, meanwhile a precise preventive maintenance is necessity in order to extend the machine life span.

CMP machine

CMP machine

In most cases, a good CMP machine is so robust for it ordinary operation, however, after sometime of using, we do encourage user could carry out some fundamental CMP machine assessment. In Maxwaytec Engineer, we do have engineering team working on the CMP Assessment, overhaul, repair and services job.

CMP Machine Service Scope

There are many CMP tools in the market, these are the 3 major brands of CMP machines which we commonly working on:

  • Peter Wolters
  • Speedfam
  • Hamai

We do cover other brands of CMP machine, please do not hesitate contact Maxwaytec so that we could advise if we are able to cover the job.

For CMP machine support and service, Maxwaytec cover 2 major areas:

  • Overhaul. We do mechanical overhaul for most CMP machine, this is very challenging job as we have to bring the machine back close to original stage.
  • Upgrade. These include mechanical, electrical or even software upgrade.

CMP Machine Service – Mechanical Portion

Through-out our working experience, most of the CMP services are falling into mechanical portion. Maxwaytec Engineers are experience in handle mechanical needs, such as:

  • Machine Vibration.
  • Outer Ring Alignment.
  • Platen Re-conditioning.
  • Swivel Arm Alignment.
  • Gearbox Overhaul.
  • Wheel Lapping
  • Change Bearing

Most of the mechanical job requires dedicate tools and measuring equipment to ensure the mechanical services are carrying out appropriately. After the service, we will advise appropriate preventive maintenance actions to prolong the CMP machine life span.

CMP Machine Service – Electrical Portion

We have less electrical service inquiry compare to mechanical portion, however we do cover some of the common electrical services for CMP machine. These include:

  • Touch Screen Upgrade
  • PLC Program Upgrade
  • PLC Programming
  • Add-on additional process parameter reader

CMP Machine Service – Spare Part Supply

There are many spare parts for CMP machine, but some of the spare parts require tailor made part instead of common part. Some CMP spare part needs to special manufacture, here are some of the common spare parts:

  • Cast iron plate
  • Carrier
  • Swing Arm
  • Dressing platen

Maxwaytec Engineering has putting many efforts in CMP machine overhaul, repair & services, we are confident with our talent and experience in this field. Please feel free to contact Maxwaytec Engineering, we could give you a sincere 3 party assessment before we engage in any engineering work.

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