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Cleanroom Products

In order to maintain and fulfill a standard clean room environment, sticky roller and sticky mat are commonly used for lint remover.  Maxway Tec does supplies quality cleanroom products with various of size.

Sticky Roller

Sticky roller is commonly used in removing the lint and dust from the product surface.  The sticky roller will installed on a hand grip bar.  Apart from the manual roller, Maxway Tec does supplier industry sticky roller for PCB industry.

We have 2 series of sticky roller,

1)      PP – Traditional manual cutting type

2)      PP – Knife free type


Sticky Mat

The Sticky Mat is a blue colour cleanroom tacky mat put in front of the clean room.  The person entering clean room is required to step on the sticky mat to remove the particle and contaminant at the bottom of the clean room shoe.

Please kindly contact Maxway Tec and understand more about our clean room product.


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