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Elastic Lapping Stone

Elastic Lapping Stone

Elastic Lapping Stone

An elastic lapping stone is a dedicate series of lapping stone design for surface grinding process.  The elastic lapping stone is the combination of abrasive and rubber base resin as the binding agent.

The elastic lapping stone is a new grinding stone substance that only launch to the market since several years ago.  However the application of elastic lapping stone is enormous.  One of the common applications for using elastic lapping stone as polishing wheel to polish the alloy base cover for Apple ipad casing.


Nature of Elastic Lapping Stone

PVA type of lapping stone is a hard surface lapping stone whereas the elastic lapping stone is flexible type of lapping stone.  The flexible nature make the lapping stone becomes the best choice for uneven surface.


Application of Elastic Lapping Stone

There are many common grinding tools in the market, such as lapping belt, loose leaf buff and nylon wheel, we are seeing the similar application for those grinding tools to be replaced by the elastic lapping stone.

Manual polishing wheel could be replaced with the elastic lapping stone which also provide better surface finishing and productivity.


Advantages of Elastic Lapping Stone

The elastic lapping stone is able to maintain high removal rate and efficiency through out the surface grinding process.  The lapping stone or grinding stone also is able to remain an uniformity surface grinding pattern.

Similar to PVA lapping stone, we could provide a wide range of abrasive particle size for dedicate lapping and grinding process.


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