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Counter Actions to Prevent Spreading Coronary Virus

Coronavirus has caused an outbreak worldwide. No doubt China Wuhan is the highest occurrence however due to the people is moving especially during Chinese New Year season, the decease epidemic decease is spreading severely to world-wide.

Due to the epidemic outbreak, Maxwaytec Engineering S/B has taken several precaution measures to prevent the virus from spreading especially we frequent visit our suppliers, factory and customers. Even we are not the first line doctor or biochemistry researcher, but we still feel that we should do our part during this outbreak session.

Counter-action at Maxwaytec to improve hygiene during the meetup

  1. Perform daily temperature check, force to have sufficient rest if fever.
  2. Minimize Face-to-Face meeting. If a face-to-face meeting is unavoidable, we will report to customer/supplier about self-health & any visit to suspect decease outbreak area for the past 2 weeks.
  3. Wear Face Mask while visiting customer and suppliers.
  4. Avoid body touching during the meeting, such as eliminate shake hand habit during the meet-up.

Keeping good hygiene practices are mandatory actions during the outbreak. Please support Maxwaytec and understand our situation in preventing spreading the virus.

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