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How to Order Polarize Film

Maxwaytec Engineering supply our polarize film to industry user and retail shop.  You could directly select from our standard polarize film by quoting the product model.  Or you could buy from our appointed ecommerce shop.

For those industrial user who need dedicate size of polarize film, please kindly let us know the below information so that Maxwaytec Engineering could give you an appropriate quote.

Standardize Polarize Film

Mawaytec Engineering has pre-cut several common polarize film to support retail market. The standard polarize film is suitable for:

  1. iPhone 6
  2. iPhone 6 plus
  3. Samsung Note 4
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Contact Maxwaytec Engineering or place your order here. You place order we make delivery.

Basic Information for Polarize Film

  1. Product Application: TV application / Computer Monitor / Smartphone / Other
  2. Film Dimension:
  3. Polarize Angle (axis):0-deg, 45-deg, 90-deg, 135-deg
  4. Surface: Upper surface / Bottom surface
  5. Film Thickness:
  6. (Sample if available)

Who is our Customer for Polarize Film

Maxwaytec Engineering supply our polarize film to TV and computer screen manufacturer. We are also supplying our polarize film to LCD panel repair centre.

The repair centre used to exchanged the entire LCD touch screen while customer comes to them about screen damage.  However in many occasion, the glass screen still remain intact, and the damage only appears on the polarize film. With the availability of polarize film, the repair technician has more choices to decide while they come across LCD damage.

Maxwaytec Engineering want to become one of the remarkable polarizer film supplier in Malaysia.  Please contact us on polarize film requirement.

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