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Test Probe Supplier in Malaysia

Various Test Probe Design

Various Test Probe Design

Maxwaytec Engineering is a test probe supplier for Malaysia region. Test probe is not new to Maxwaytec Engineering, perhaps we have been supplying various specification of test probe for Malaysia base PCBA and PCB customers for more than 5 years.

Semiconductor Test probe or known as pogo pin is a common tool use in PCBA and PCB industry. Even though some of the test probe application has been replaced by fine wire tool, but there are still a wide application of test probe.

Basic Structure of Test Probe

A Test probe or pogo pin consists of 3 major components:

  • Pin or plunger
  • Tube
  • Spring

The plunger and tube are made of brass material and the spring mostly comes in stainless steel wire material. Further more, both the plunger and tube surface will be coated with nickel plating and cover with gold film.

Maxwaytec Engineering works with our customer on selecting appropriate test probe parameters to ensure customer needs is met. We only supply reliable test probe to the industry, our test probe could easily fulfil 10000 work cycle.

Test probe is designed to adopt lateral force while contacting with test spot. An appropriate spring force is determine to ensure proper contact.

Test Probe Variety

In practicle case, the test probe specification always determine but not limited to below:

  • Probe physical dimension. The contact dimension has pre-determined the test probe dimension.
  • Spring force. We could works with customer to select the spring force.

Through our experience, we could even design the plastic housing for customer. In this case, customer will rest assure install the complete plastic housing into the tester without going through replacing individual pogo pin.

Customs Made Test Probe

As a test probe supplier, Maxwaytec Engineering doesn’t limited ourselves on those standard test probe, we are always welcome and perhaps we are prepare for tailor made test probe for our customer.

With only a minimum quantity of 1000pcs of order, you could have your custom made test probe for your dedicate process. Most important, share with us your engineering drawing.

Please do not hesitate to contact Maxwaytec Engineering. You are rest assure for having our support on getting our quality test probe or pogo pin product.

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