• Lost Parcel Experience with UPS

    Everybody should agree with me that the development of courier service is one of the key factors promoting many businesses through internet.  In Maxwaytec Engineering, we have a portion of our product is shipping to our customer via courier service.

    Because of our product’s value, we always choose a reliable and good reputation courier service to carry out the shipping job.  UPS is our main international courier service provider for our overseas customer.

    This time, we encounter a missing parcel incident while shipping with UPS.

    Background of the Shipment

    UPS Missing Parcel

    UPS Missing Parcel

    Maxwaytec Engineering is shipping a box of PVA sponge roller to our overseas customer.  As usual, we attach the Product Tax Invoice, Delivery Order and Packing List together with the parcel.

    Since we are having an account with UPS, we just call up the UPS office to arrange for a pick-up service.  UPS is a well know courier service Provider Company and they have very good networking through out Malaysia.  They manage to pick up the parcel within the same day.

    As a proof of delivery and transferring goods, Maxwaytec is given a copy of Consignment Note with AWB tracking number for our future reference and tracking.

    Tracking the Goods

    Maxwaytec Engineering track the goods delivery route since we start shipping the parcel, from the UPS system, we notice a missing info message appears in the UPS system.  We are talking the initiative calling UPS check about the info missing however we were told to wait until further notice.

    After several days, we were told the parcel may loss but UPS will investigate and try their best to locate the parcel.  This is quite upset to hear this news but we still very confident on UPS as they should locate the parcel.

    After almost 2 weeks waiting, we were told the parcel was lost and unable to locate where it is.  We were really shock and totally upset about the reply as we don’t see the initiative from UPS to locate our parcel.

    Compensation of Lost Parcel

    Now the parcel is missing and we have to negotiate with them about the compensation for missing parcel.  Since we do not buy goods insurance for the parcel, we were told by UPS that they could only compensate us the amount equivalent to the shipping charges instead of goods value.  This has caused a great lost to Maxwaytec Engineering.

    Through our discussion with UPS, we could only talk to the front line receptionist who always uses UPS company policy stopping us for challenging their findings.  They persuade us to make the lost parcel claim in order to close the case however we insist we should get:

    1. An official written report from UPS about the Lost Parcel
    2. Talk to PIC Manager to ensure no way to trace back the missing parcel

    After our long time negotiation, UPS manage to give us a written report about the lost parcel.  However they still do not want us to get contact to the Manager who signs on the report.  This makes us feel frustration about the UPS service.

    What We Learn from the Missing Parcel

    We learn everyday or at least we have to learn from mistake or incident.

    1. The lost parcel incident also reminds us that we have to re-consider our overall logistic procedure and include insurance coverage when necessary.
    2. Discuss with customer about the delivery term and Incoterm.
    3. Cannot rely on the status findings shows on the tracking sheet.

    This is a real incident we are facing from our daily operation.  We are putting up the incident here is to share with our reader to share our experience about lost parcel.

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