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How Many Choices for Sand Sponge

Sanding sponge

Sanding sponge

Sanding sponge is a latest product in the industry, perhaps the sand sponge also suitable for household application.  Choosing a suitable sand sponge is a straight forward process, however I don’t want to write up too many parameters for our sand sponge product which end up confusing most users.

You can read the basic introduction about sanding sponge here.

Abrasive Material

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Silicon Carbide.
3 type of Abrasive Grain Size

Abrasive Grain Size

Abrasive Grain Size

  • Coarse grain size.
  • Medium grain size.
  • Fine grain size.

Substrate Material

  • PU sponge
  • PVA sponge

Abrasive Mixing Method

  • Coated on the sponge surface.
  • Mixed into the substrate material.

For most household user, we recommend for fine grain size of sand sponge. However for industrial application, we have to study more details to understand the needs and characteristic of the product before we could really propose the appropriate sand sponge for best surface removal and finishing.

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