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More about Semiconductor Test Probe

Semiconductor Test Probe

Semiconductor Test Probe

Maxwaytec Engineering is one of the semiconductor test probe supplier in Malaysia, we have been dealing with semiconductor test probe for the industry for more than 10 years.  As usual, the test probe use in semicon industry is much smaller and shorter in dimension than the pogo pin use in PCB process.  We have a wide range of test probe products which we believe will suit your testing need and application.

A semiconductor test probe may also name as spring contact probe, pogo pin, spring loaded probe, this is because there is a spring mechanism in the probe.

In Maxwaytec Engineering, we focus in semiconductor test probe instead of the ordinary pogo pin.  Before we are sharing the reason, let us see what are the differences between both test probe.

Semiconductor Test Probe

Various Test Probe Design

Various Test Probe Design


A test probe is a brass metal or stainless steel metal with gold plated, this include the music wire spring which located at the inner portion of the pin.

The tiny probe shall be installed in a dedicated socket before it install on the tester.  After the tester install with the socket, it could use to test the relevant chip,  QFD or PC board.

The difference of Semiconductor Test Probe.

  1. Shorter and smaller in dimension.
  2. Mostly use in semiconductor industry
  3. Install in a test socket or pogo tower.
  4. Mostly use to test for semiconductor industry.

Parameters for choosing a Semiconductor Test Probe

There are quite a lot of parameters a test engineer to consider while come to test probe selection, however we have summarize to below 5 parameters which is the most common criteria.

  • Test probe length
  • Pitch
  • Electric current to apply
  • Gram force
  • Tip style or design

Contact with Maxwaytec Engineering

You are most welcome contact with Maxwaytec about your needs on any kind of semiconductor test probe.  We have more than 10 years experience in supplying various kind of semiconductor test probe for our customer.  We could even tailor made or customize specific design of test probe for your dedicate application.

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