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We are welcome for any tailor made Polarizer Film dimension.

Why Polarizer Film

Polarizer film is a commonly seen adhere on the glass surface. This is because we want to deliver a better image quality to the viewer. For instance, LCD panel for TV and smartphone screen adhere with multi-layers of film. Maxwaytec is the main polarizer film supplier in Malaysia and we have the responsibility to provide some guidance to our user about the polarizer film.

Polarizer Film Dimension

We would like to say thank you for standardization work.  Below is a few commonly seen polarizer film dimension for various TV LCD Panel.

32inch screen: 702.9*399.1mm

40inch screen: 896 * 504mm

50inch screen: 1126 * 658mm

55inch screen: 1217 * 685mm

Layers of Polarizer Film

Polarizer Film
Polarizer Film

There are some clue while come to polarizer film selection. Glass parameters definitely is the first consideration.

The light emitted from the glass array is a scatter light. In this case, field engineer has to apply polarizer film on the glass surface in order to certain level of scattering light could be filtered. This is the role of the upper layer polarizer film.

For some occasion, the field engineer may add another layer of polarizer film at the bottom of the glass. With proper selection, the scattered light could be filtered and left over the wording light array on the glass.

For a more demanding user who requires better contrast image, will a reflection layer at the underneath layer. The reflection layer will further reflect the light and enhance the wording appearance on the glass.

This is the reason why there are several layers of film to be laminated on the glass to achieve a better image quality.

Polarizer Film Selection

Since we are going to apply several layers of film on the glass surface, the film combination may become a challenge if the selection is not appropriate.

As our earlier video show, while both polarizer angles are orthogonal to each other, it means no light transmission. An experienced field engineer will select appropriate polarizer film with dedicate view angle to ensure the image lighting transmission from the glass is flawless.

If an unwanted light is not filtered and transmitted to the user eyeballs, it considers light leaking. In this case, the angle of the film comes into the role.

Marking on Polarizer Film

There are 2 important information for polarizer film, namely

Packed Polarizer Film
Packed Polarizer Film
  1. Angle of Polarizer film
  2. Adhesive Layer

For Maxwaytec, since we are dealing with many enigeering jobs, we have to keep a habit to mark the angle for polarizer film. Further more, our marking is done on the protecting layer (non adhesive side). While our customer received our product, they could immediately know how to handle the film to best suit their production needs.

Maxwaytec has been working with many inspection tools researchers who deal with lighting. By selecting appropriate polarizer film, we are able to make our viewing be clearer and less flare. Kindly talk to Maxwaytec Engineering if you are looking for a better and clearer inspection image.

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